Photo: Markus Abeler (@abelerphotos)

Anna Bernice is an arts practitioner and communications & marketing strategist currently based in Dubai. With a Bachelor's Degree from New York University Abu Dhabi in Social Research Public Policy and Theater with a concentration in  Art History, Anna Bernice's emerging career has brought her to Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Berlin, New York and Prague to collaborate and work with various companies in arts, culture, social impact, and urban development.

As a bilingual independent arts & culture journalist, Anna Bernice writes for journalism platforms such as  VICE Arabia and Global Art Daily, archiving the young and thriving cultural and artistic framework of the UAE.

As an artist, Bernice is passionate about the intersection between arts and social change. Interested in the interplay between social research and artistic expression, her research fields include decolonization, intersectional feminism, and the nuances of belonging and identity. She desires to generate artistic engagements that dissect and reinvent our sociocultural and political experiences and believes that art can be a catalyst for these conversations.

Her artistic practice in Dubai lie in diversity, inclusion, and representation in art spaces, specifically focusing on the representation of Filipino artistry and identity in the UAE. Following her debut as an art curator in November 2019 through Go Back To Move Forward, a group exhibition featuring works from H.E. Zaki Nusseibeh's private collection, Bernice co-curated an all-Filipino art exhibition at Alserkal Avenue in December 2020 to launch Sa Tahanan Co, a Dubai-based global Filipino art collective. Together with co-founder Augustine Paredes, a UAE-based Filipino artist, Bernice is creating more visibility and platforms for Filipino artists in the global art scene through engaging with key arts institutions and other grassroots initiatives in the UAE.


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